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Varaha Hand Gesture (Mudra)

When both hands in Mrigashirsha hasta and the right palm is placed over the left palm, we get the Varaha hasta.


Lets take a look at the viniyoga shloka of this gesture.

Etasya Viniyogastu Syadvarahartha pradarshane

It means that this hasta is used to denote a Boar or a wild pig. The Varaha avatara of lord Vishnu is depicted by this gesture. Check out the Varaha Hasta viniyoga.


  1. Gayathri

    Thanks a lot Anjaliji. I really found this website very very useful for me. It made me revive all my basics back again..Being a classical dancer and have done arangetram,I had not danced for almost 7 years. your website is really a boon to those who really want to learn or revive themselves back into this sacred form of art.Thanks

  2. Gowri

    In the description, it says – the left palm is placed over the right palm, but in the picture the right palm is placed over the left palm. Could you please clarify. Thanks

  3. Anjali

    @Gowri, wow nice observation. Yes I will have that corrected. I am right handed and it comes naturally to me. Left handed people might do it the other. But yes all our teachers insisted on using the right more than left.

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