Tamrachuda Hand Gesture (Mudra)

March 20th, 2008 by Anjali

When the Index finger of the Suchi Mudra is bent, we get the Tamrachuda hasta. Also while the doing the Mukula hasta, if the Index finger is held like a question mark, we get the Tamrachuda. Tamrachua means a Cock or a Cocks head.


Lets see the Viniyoga shloka

Kukkutadau bake kake ushtre vatse cha lekhane
yujyate tamrachudakhyaha karo bharatavedibhihi

This shloka says that tamrachuda can denote :

  • A Rooster, Cock
  • A birds head
  • A Heron, Crane
  • A Crow
  • A Camel
  • A Calf
  • A pen that is used to engrave.

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