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Padmakosha Hand Gesture (Mudra)

All the fingers are stretched and slightly brought closer to form Padmakosha.

Bharatanatyam Mudra (Hand Gesture) - Padmakosha

Padmakosha is used to denote the following:-

  • Indicate fruits such as wood-apple and Bel (Bel is a native of India. From time immemorial it has been regarded as a medicinal herb. It is round in shape and resembles a wood-apple. It is of the normal ball-size. It is sweet in taste. It contains a lot of seeds.)
  • Bosoms of women
  • Circular movement
  • Ball
  • Cooking pot
  • Bell
  • Bunch of flowers
  • Hibiscus
  • Ant-hill
  • Lotus
  • Egg
  • Taking meals
  • Mango
  • Flower bud
  • Scattering of Flowers

1 Comment

  1. Shruti

    Phale Bilwakapitadaw Streenanch Kuchakumbayoho
    Vartule Kanduke Stalyam Bhojane Pushpa koshake
    sahakara Phale pushpa varshe majari kaadishu
    japakusuma bhavepi ghanta roopa vidhanake
    valmike kumude ande padmakosho bidiyate

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