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Hamsasye Hand Gesture (Mudra)

In Hamsasye the Thumb and the Index finger touch each other at the tips, while the other fingers are straight, separated and stretched. Hamsasye means a Swan’s Beak.


Lets take a look at the viniyoga shloka (uses) of this Mudra.

Shloka is as follows

mangalye sutrabandhe cha upadesha vinishchaye

romanche mouktikadau cha deepavartiprasarane

nikashe mallikadau cha chitre tallekhane tatha

damshecha jalabhanbhe hamsasyo ujyate karaha

It states Hamsasye Mudras can be used to denote:

  • mangalye:  An auspicious occasion or festival
  • sutrabandhe: Tying thread
  • upadesha vinishchaye: Ascertaining the imparted instructions
  • romanche : Horripilation (Romancha)
  • mouktikadau : Pearl
  • deepavartiprasarane: Light a lamp
  • nikashe : A touchstone (stone meant to test gold)
  • mallikadau : Flowers like Jasmine
  • chitre tallekhane: To draw picture
  • damshecha: Sting
  • jalabhanbhe: Impeding the current of water.

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