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Alapadma Hand Gesture (Mudra)

Alapdma means “Fully Bloomed Lotus”. Here the fingers are held in such a manner as if to ask “why”. The little finger points up and thereafter the other fingers follow.

Alapadma Front

Alapadma Side

Alapadma is used to express the following:

  • A fully bloomed Lotus
  • To show fruits such as Apple
  • Circular movement
  • Bosom
  • A full Moon
  • Hair knot
  • Show Beauty
  • Separation from dear one
  • A Mirror
  • A Village
  • Cakravaka Bird
  • High Altitudes

This mudra is mainly used in Natta adavu, Visharu Adavu & Kuditamitta Adavu. It is one of the commonly used mudra in Nritta.


  1. Paula Mulligan

    I have a Buddha carving in which his hands are held in front of him, both index fingers pointing upwards, middle fingers touching, thumbs touching. Can you tell me the meaning of this mudra?

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