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Mayura Hand Gesture (Mudra)

The ring finger and the tip of the thumb touch each other while the other fingers are held straight without any gap.


Following is the Viniyoga Shloka for  Mayura:

Mayurasye latayam cha Shakune Vamane Tatha
Alakasyap-nayane Lalatatilakeshu cha

Nadhyudhakasya Nikshepe shastravade prasidhake
Ayammartheshu yujyante mayurakarabhavanah:

Mayura can be used to denote the following

  • Mayurasye: Mayura means Peacock. It depicts a peacock’s neck
  • Lataayaam: A Creeper
  • Shakune: A Bird
  • Vamane: Vomiting
  • Alakasyap-nayane: Separating the hair locks
  • Lalatatilakesh: Applying Tilak on the forehead
  • Nadhyudhakasya Nikshepe: Dispersing water of the river
  • prasidhake: Something Famous
  • shastravaade: Discussing the Shastras


  1. Anjali

    Here creeper means the plants that spread along the ground in a crawl. It could also denote climbers that attach to something that grows upwards, like a tree or a fence.

  2. Maithili Raval

    they do that sign to represent the certain denotations listed in dance shown in the video

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