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Katakaamukha Hand Gesture (Mudra)

Katakaamukha means “Opening in a Bracelet”. Its done by bringing together the index finger, middle finger and thumb. The ring finger and the little finger are raised at angles as shown.

Katakamukha Side Katakamukha Front

Viniyoga shlokam :

Kusumavchaye Muktashagdhanam Dharanay tatha

Sharmdhay karshany cha Nagavalli pradanakay

Kasturikaadi vastunaam payshane gandhavasanay

vachanay drishtibhavepi katakamukha ishyatay

Katakaamukha is generally used to express the following

  • Kusumavachaye: Plucking or picking flowers
  • Muktashagdhanam: Holding a necklace or a garland
  • Sharmadhya karshany: Pulling the bow string
  • Nagavalli pradanakay: Offer betal leaves
  • Kasturikadi vastunam : To show preparing a paste of sandal or musk
  • payshane: To mix
  • gandhavasanay:  To smell
  • vachanay: to speak
  • Drishti bhavay: To see

Katakamukha is used in almost all the Adavus except Tattu Adavu.


  1. Anonymous

    My guru taught me that there are three different mudras for this mudra alone, and it all follows up with mushthi, shikhara and kapitta.

  2. Anjali

    Yes I am aware of the two way of holding Katakamukha. One is like I have mentioned and the other one using kapitta hasta. It would great if you could share the third variation. Thanks for visiting.

  3. anuprarthna

    My anjili akka,but according to NATYA SASTRA there are 3 types in the above mudhra.Pls notify the mistake and do the following for others convinience.

  4. Anjali

    There are two more ways in which katakamukha is represented. One is holding the kapitta hasta and then letting the ring and the little finger free (like the image above). The second is by holding the katamukha like the image above and but the ring finger and little finger will be curled in.

  5. Krithika

    Hi Anjali, this is a great site to learn many theoritical things.Can u pls share the images of the other type of katakaamukha hand gestures

  6. Ashok

    Can you please explain this comment by one of my friends on my facebook page where i had put a picture of this mudra by both hands.

    My friend says “this is not possible!!! katakamuham (the mudra) cannot be shown at the same time in both the hands in Bharathanatiyam! in this case the right hand shouls show the mudra alapadmam “

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