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Chandrakalaa Hand Gesture (Mudra)

Chandrakalaa means Digit of the Moon. Release the thumb in Suchi Mudra and hold it straight (like in Shikhara gesture).



Viniyoga shloka:

Chandray mukhay cha pradayshay tanmatra-akaravastuni

Shivasya makutay ganganadyam cha lagudaypi cha

aisha chandrakala chaiva viniyojana vidhiyatay

It is used to denote the following

  • Chandray: Moon
  • mukhay: Face
  • pradayshay: Index of measure ie Extent between the thumb and the Index finger
  • Tanmatra-akara- vastuni: Objects of the similar shape
  • Shivasya makutay: The crescent on Lord Shiva’s Head
  • Ganganadyam : The Ganga river
  • laguday: A club (weapon)

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