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Mrigashirsa Hand Gesture (Mudra)

Fingers are bent from the knuckles except for the little finger and the thumb which is held straight.


It is used to denote the following:-

  • A Deer’s head
  • Lord Krishna (when held with both hands)
  • Womens cheek
  • A Wheel
  • Fears
  • Quarrel
  • Costume or dress
  • Tripundraka made on the forehead (Tilak on lord Shiva’s forehead)
  • A lute
  • Massage on the feet
  • Female reproductive organ
  • Holding Umbrella
  • Stepping and calling the beloved

1 Comment

  1. Shruti

    Streenamarte Kapole Chakra maryadayorapi
    bheete vivade neepatye aavasech tripundrake
    Mukha mukhe Rangavalyam Paada samvahanepicha
    Sarvasamelane karye Mandire Chantra dharane
    Sopane padavinyase priya aahvane tataivach
    sancharech prayajyete bharatagama kovidhaihi

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