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In carnatic music Mallari is associated to Nadaswaram instrument, the Mangala vadyam (auspicious instrument).  Redention of Mallari is an important part of Nagaswaram repertoire. Nagaswaram music is a part of every day temple ritual. During deepaaradhana’s and temple processions Mallari is played with this instrument along with Tavil. The common ragas in which Mallari’s are presented are Gambheera nattai, Nattai, gowla, and Arabhi.

Following links have detailed information on types Mallari’s :

The following video demonstrates the  Mallari in Ragam Nattai and Talam Adi. Thanks to my friends on and Jaya Akka (daughter of Swami Malai Rajaratnam Pillai) who helped me identify this ragam and also shared an interesting fact. She said that the  song was composed by her legendary father Shri Swamimalai Rajaratnam Pillai as Pushpanjali for his students.



  1. sisira

    when i watch this item my eye cant believe. this item was very nice, i love it so much, its very beautiful. i wish her to success,

  2. S

    Another excellent presentation, Where does Mallari come in a traditional BN margam? In the beginning? thanks in advance…

  3. Anjali

    Mallari is considered to be one of the Invocatory pieces in bharatanatyam. So you can open a performance with a Mallari.

  4. Aneesa

    yes, although mallari (and pushpanjali) was not traditionally part of margam in dasi attam.
    now as we dance not alone in temples, the margam is completely different – more captivating and difficult in order to amaze the audience and maecenas of arangetram. :-/

  5. SATYA

    HI Anjali.You havebeen doing a great work for the people who really like dance but find no time to attend classes.i request u to please perform for muddugare yashoda and upload when u have free time.Thanks!

  6. Srilata Kattekola

    Hello Anjali Mam, I am Srilata from Mumbai, i am presently pursuing engineering, i had learnt Bharatanatyam for 4 yrs, i left it then due to certain reasons, i wished to continue now, bt due to a tight schedule it hd become too difficult for me to go to classes out, so ur website and ur great guidance through your videos reminds me of my teacher Mrs.Sushmita who was my Guru to teach me Bharatanatyam, I just wanted to thank u and its my great pleasure to watch and learn my beloved Bharatanatyam from U mam. It was my Mom’s dream to see me dance,i wanna suprise her by dancing on her birthday…So again thanks for creating such a great website…Keep up the great work

  7. RM

    I actually just learned a Pushpanjali to the exactly same song although the nritya is followed by a short abhinaya so the song is a little bit longer than what you had here.

  8. adriana ananda

    Hello,I would like to ask you a question,that dance can begin a performance,mallari or kautukam.Thanks

  9. Bhavani

    I learned Dance nearly 10 Years ago,now iam in Germany
    When thought to Teach my 4 Year old daughter now iam Not so
    Confident in sequence steps and Mudras ,now my Dream came True with u ,Thanks a Lot and hat’s Off to your Great contribution

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