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Jatiswaram part 3

In previous posts, jatiswaram part 1 and part 2, we talked about the structure of Jatiswaram, Pallavi and charanam.  ” Da” Charanam was demonstrated in the previous posts.

The following videos demonstrate the Charanams “Ni” and “Sa”.


1. Ni piece


2. Sa Piece.


  1. Mrunmayee

    Loved your work and website.
    Could you upload the audio of jatiswaram? raag kalyani?
    I would be really grateful.

    Warm Regards

  2. harini

    Hi madam my name is harini i have leart bhartanatyam for 17yrs but i dnt have any certificate of any exams i am teaching dance for some student at om so wil tht be a prblm pls reply me

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