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Natya Kala Conference-2009


This conference was held in Chennai during this music season  from 26th to 31th December. Convener danseuse Padmashri Ananda Sankar jayant, brought together some top class dancers of the current and last decades to analyze and highlight the features of their legacy and personal style. Chennaistream has done a wonderful job of capturing those presentations.

1. Padmashri Shri Dhananjayan and Smt Shanta who are the founders of Bharata Kalanjali and followers of the Kalakshetra tradition featured their male students on stage and demonstrated the postures for male dancers and Adavus in general.  Talked about  the revival of Bharatanatyam under Kalakshetra tradition. His students performed some unique Bharata Kalanjali choreographic works. Click here to watch the video. Else follow the link:

2. Smt Priyadarshini Govind in her presentation emphasized on her experimentation and creative work with jathis and Tillana. Click here to watch the video or follow the link below.

3. Hari Krishnan and Srividya, talked about Kittappa Pillai’s legacy and how he taught differently to all his students as per their individual capabilities unlike the standardization that exists in all schools today. Click here to watch the video or follow the link below

4. Smt Nandini Ramini presented her views about her Guru Balasarawati and her legacy. She talked about Bala’s innovative abhinayas that went beyond the lines of the poem. Her percussionists who would set some exclusive jathis and theermanams. Click here to watch the video or follow the link below.

Hope you all will enjoy!!


  1. subhalakshmi kumar

    Many thanks for posting proceedidgs of conference. Its a delight for people like us who cannot go to the conference.

  2. calvin

    Hello from Cairo:
    Just to say hello and that I enjoyed the videos
    of the natya kala 2002. I may be there this year
    with Adyar Lakshman in Chennai.
    I liked the first two sets and that the
    dancers (male) were very good and well
    The 3rd one was not all that great and the
    women talked too much.
    And, in the first two I spotted some innovative
    movments and steps not usually seen in this
    I still have a complaint about the ads that
    keep popping up and block some of your
    instructions especially foot movements.
    I’t’s very annoying and has prevented me
    from watching the adavus, etc.
    Best wishes.
    Calvin W. Hodgdon
    El Marg, Cairo, Egypt

  3. Anjali

    @Calvin, nice to hear from you again. Good to know you will be in Chennai. My favorite in Priya Govind’s improvisation giving it a contemporary feel though well rooted in tradition. Regarding the Ads I believe that is the way how youtube does it. But you can still close the ads when they appear, once you close them they don’t come back again in the same video.

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