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Teermanam Adavu Sixth Variation (video)

From the sixth variation onwards the hand movements change. Hands have to be held in a “L” shape. When beginning with the right side,

a. Both right and left hands are held in Pataka hasta facing down

b. Right arm is stretched and held in front of the face

c. left hand is stretched sideways.

d. both the arms are held at the shoulder level. See to it that the elbows donot drop down.

Now watch the video and read the explanation

1. Place your hands as explained earlier in ardhamandala posture.

2. Take your right leg forward in natta position. Left hand is taken behind below shoulder level in Alapadma mudra. No change with the right hand position. Say Dhit.

3. Tap your left leg. Now place your left hand above head level in katakamukha hasta facing up. No change with right hand position. Say Dhit.

4. Bring the left hand to the front and place it below the shoulder level, slightly to the right side, in Alapadma gesture. Now tap the right leg. Say Tai.

Mirror the above explanation to the left side. The above video shows both the left and the right side.


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