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Kudittamatta Adavu Third and Fourth variation (video)

The following video demonstrates the third and the fourth variation of Kudittametta Adavu. The Bols are Tai Gha, Tai Ghi.


  1. Soumya

    Hello Anjali,
    I love to visit your site all the time… Thank you very much for this website & your help.
    You are my Inspiration….Its my daughter(her name is Anjali too) who is learning but i have to do the homework for her… & your website come in handy….
    Thanks again & pls keep it up.


  2. Anjali

    Well Soumya, thanks. Nice to know that your daughter is Anjali too. Keep visiting and send in your thoughts. God bless!!

  3. krithika

    respected madam,
    i’m krithika wanting u to give the written part of kudittaMetta Adavu third and fourth variation.

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