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KudittaMetta Adavu Sollukettu (audio)

Here is the sollukettu for KudittaMetta Adavu. The Bols are Tai Gha, Tai Ghi.


If you would like to download this audio, right click here and save to computer


  1. Rebecca x

    Heyy! WOW, you are amazing at teaching, and you have me alot! In three months, I will be having my Grade exam, and from my theory book there are some words that I’m not quite sure of the meaning, please could you help me out?
    What is……………
    ……..the sollukettu?
    ……..a Korvai?
    ……..a good way of describing a Jati? x
    If you could help I would really appreciate it….Thankyou!

  2. Anjali

    @Rebecca, Korvai in tamil means ‘to compile’. Thus a compilation of adavus is Korvai. Or when two or more steps are strung together it is a Korvai.
    Jaati is a minute division of time cycle within each avartanam. An avartanam is one full cycle of counts in a particular tala. In case of catushra jaati triputa tala, the cycle is 4 lagu 2 dhrutams. So 4+2+2= 8 . Go ahead talk about different jaatis, with an example.
    Sollukettu mean “words bound together”. They are rhythmic syllabus that resemble the percussion sounds. And when these sound are spoken and combined into larger patterns they are called sollukettu. Eg: ta ka dhi mi .

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