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KudittaMetta Adavu in Bharatanatyam

Kuditta Metta refers to Jumping on the toes and then striking the heels. The initial jump though not very obvious. Both jumping and striking the heels are executed in the Araimandi position. It is also known as Guditta Metta. I have read somewhere (cannot recollect the source) KudittaMetta is also referred as Kutta Adavu. May be because the movement of jumping on the heels is called as Kuttanam in the Chari bhedas (Types of walks). Thus the name Kutta Adavu. Your thoughts and opinion in this regards are welcome. The Bols (sylables or sollukettu) are Tai Gha, Tai Ghi. Following are the links to different variations of this Adavu.

  1. KudittaMetta Adavu First and the second variation
  2. Kudittametta Adavu Third and the fourth variation
  3. KudittaMetta Adavu fifth and the Sixth variation
  4. KudittaMetta Adavu Seventh Variation


  1. Anonymous

    Your website is very good and has lots of information on bharatanatyam! It is such a useful website! Well done! Please may you tell me something about “thei thei dith dith thei adavu”? Just a little bit of information would do!

    Thanks in advance!

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