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Avahita Hand Gesture (Mudra)

When both hands held in Alapadma hasta are crossed at the wrists and placed near the chest we get the Avahitta hand gesture.

Avahitta Hand gesture

Lets take a look at the viniyoga shloka: (uses)

Srungara Natanechiva Leelaa Kandukadharane
Kucharthe Yujyate Soyamavahitthakaraabhidhaha

This gesture is used to show :
1) Love
2) Playing with balls (can be any balls not just rubber, but also flower balls like jasmine etc) like throw and catch
3) Bosom

Check out the video of Avahita Hasta from 7sec to 1.06 mins.

(contributed by Sreelakshmi Mannava)

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  1. Luna

    It’s really helpful. Thanks for sharing the knowledge with us. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. ?

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