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Tatta Adavu Sixth Variation Audio

Click on the player below and hear the sollukettu (bols or syllables) for sixth variation of Tatta Adavu.The Bols are Tat Tai Tat Tat Tai Tai Tam. This Audio has the sollukettu in three speeds as students are required to practice in different speeds.


If you would like to download the audio, right click here and save to computer.


  1. nalini

    Thank you Anjali, for putting up this adavu audio……
    Your voice is mellifluous and great. I am sure this will be very useful for quick practice.
    Eagerly looking forward to more such audios on other adavus and variations

  2. nidhi

    being a north indian it is very difficult to learn bharatnatyam but with your help it was very simple .thanks for your help

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