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TattiMetti Adavu Sollukettu

Here is the sollukettu (bols or syllables) for Tattimetti Adavu. The Bols are ” Tat Tai Ta Ha, Dhit Tai Ta Ha“. It is sung in three speed for the purpose of practice.

If you would like to download the audio, right click here and save to computer.


  1. nalini

    Anjali. Thank you very much for this sollukattu. It is perfect and as usual, great. Volume is not a problem.
    Looking forward to more such sollukattu audios, which are simple and very useful for quick practice; and your voice is equally inspiring.
    I really appreciate the effort you are taking in sharing the nuances of this art form, in an unassuming yet elegant manner.

  2. Anjali

    Ankita, I donot know about ways to give online exams for dance. But sure such possibilities are not too far from accomplishment. Its already happening in other areas. Lets hope it happens soon for dance. But there are institutions conducting distance education programme. check out this site

  3. maria

    Hi! I have one question. do we have to do the left side in the 4th and 6th of tattimetti adavu or it’s just right foot, left foot, right foot leg foot…? I’m confused… Thank you 🙂

  4. Anjali

    Hello Maria
    In the fourth step: I can understand your confusion. you can do this both left and right. But when you try doing this alternatively, the foot steps may go wrong. So probably you can do a set of right side first separately , get yourself acquainted. Then try a set of left side separately.

    In the sixth step: You can easily do left and right side alternatively. Let me know what is your confusion here.

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