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Bhairunda hand gesture (Mudra)

When hands in Kapitta hasta is held crossed at the wrists we get the Bhairunda hasta. Some times this hasta is done without crossing the wrists also. Hands in kapitta just join at the wrists.

Lets take a look at the viniyoga shloka (uses)

bhairunde pakshidampatyor bhaiundo uchyate karah.

In Sanskrit the word Bherunda or bhairunda means terrible. Therefore I think the wise men say this gesture is used to show the Bhairunda bird in the mythology who is an eagle with two heads and a single body. Must have been a weird looking creature !!!

It can also be used to show a pair of birds sitting together. In this case the hands are not crossed but only joined at the wrists.

Check out this video for Bhairunda hasta from 20 sec to 41 sec of the video.



  1. nigamaa

    Re: must have been a weird looking creature !!!
    The lion-headed eagle was also known as the Ningirsu (storm-bird) in the Sumerian city of Lagash

    this was 5000 years ago at a harbour city where boats went from the persian gulf to India. The spelling is an estimate and could also read ni ga ri sa, like a piece of thillana? I mean to say, they seem to have had lots of twin headed eagles in the area.

  2. rajeshwari

    i had seen the pictures. it was good annd it would be nice of your group if you put the details like
    1 hasthas
    2 mudras
    3 explination
    4 arrangatram of dancers like PRIYA SREE,ANNA NAGAR LAKSHMANAN , etc.

  3. Anjali

    Hey Rajeshwari, I have already put the Mudras and Adavus on the site. Hope you have found them. You are also free to contribute info on dancers you mentioned.

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