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Naagabandha Hand Gesture (Mudra)

When both hands held in sarpashirsha hasta is crossed at the wrists, we get the Naagabandha hand gesture.

lets take a look at the viniyoga shloka: (uses)

Etasya viniyogastu naagabandhe he samataha

This gesture is used to show how the snakes twine or their nature of coiling and encircling. Check out the video for Naagabandha hastas from .37 s to end.


  1. nigamaa

    Thank you Anjali for the gesture.

    My comment would be like this:
    Snakes as symbols are at least 12000 yrs old, see their appearance as
    Chase away spirits of holy places like Urfa excavation site, where I believe much later Urvasi came from.
    In sanscrit scriptures snakes were also called nagas, which Dr. LA Waddell explained was a people that came by boat or ship (like snakes in the water) from Iraq to civilize Indus Valley.Thats why Krishna is thought to like a naga, with dark complexion. I think nagas might be a people related to gandharvas, not sure whether gods or demons?,M1

  2. sacalante

    The Nagas are both angels and demons, as rada lords they are rulers, exactly as deimonds or Petra gods, they are constructors and destroyers of universes, and the god of iron is the must benevolent for the human kind, Check Aiya or Aida Wedo and her three Husbands in the Hindi mythology, and without them there no exist the art of dance, Nigamaa make a web search from 13,500 to 16,500 years b.c. and you gonna love the results, one more thing remember there is a “Hindi” planet wich came once 3,500 years and brought a lot of changes to our planet. Kind Regards.

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