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Kartariswastika Hand Gesture (Mudra)

When both the hands are crossed in Kartarimukha Mudra we get the Kartariswastika Hasta.


Lets take a look at the viniyoga shloka

shakhasu chadrishikhare vriksheshu cha niyujyate

According to the the shloka karariswastika help to show

  1. Stems and branches of the trees
  2. A huge tree
  3. A hill top or its peak.

Lets watch the video here:

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  1. annie

    i looooooooooovvvvveeee this site…….cause it helped me in my power point on mudras….my teacher was sooooo happy…….thanks anjali for this wonderful site

  2. Vindhyaa

    Thank you Anjali Didi for this! It helped a lot in my Exams. May you have the blessings from God and continue to make everyone Proud…

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