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Bhramara Hand Gesture (Mudra)

When the Index finger in the Katakamukha mudra, is placed in between the middle finger and the thumb we get the Bhramara mudra. The Index finger can also be curled and placed. Bhramara looks like a Bee and thus it is called Bee shaped.


Lets look at the viniyogas shloka(uses) and its meaning

The shloka is as follows :

bhramarecha shuke pakshe sarase kokiladishu
bhramrakhyascha hastoyam kirtito bharatagame

It says that Bhramara can be used to denote

  • bhramarecha : A Bee
  • shukay : A Parrot
  • pakshay: A Wing
  • sarase: A Heron
  • kokiladishu: A Cuckoo
  • Some other birds


  1. Alpana

    It is good to have such reference online.
    Kindly also write Hindi version of the usage and sansktit shhokals in same lipi that is also script
    It will help


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