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Anjali Hand Gesture (Mudra)

When both the palms in Pataka are joined together we get the Anjali Mudra. In fact in the Indian culture this Mudra is very often used for greeting people.


Viniyoga shloka (in sanskrit) and the meaning :

Devataguruvipranam namaskareshavanukramat
karyaha shiromukhorastho viniyoganjalirbudhaihi

This mudra is used to offer salutation to the God, Elders, Teachers and a Brahmin. The Anjali mudra is kept above the head to offer salutations to the God. It is kept in front of the face to offer respects to the Teachers and Elders. It is kept in front of the chest to offer pranams to the twice -born or the Brahmin’s.

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  1. Geraldine Bailey

    Would like to teach my two granddaughters the right hand gestures while dancing and I would like to learn some dances so that when I go dancing I can get right into it. I am going to be 62yrs old but love dancing and I am retired. Can you give me an idea which learning tapes I would need?

  2. Yashoda

    Hi. Can we get the Bharatnatyam Hand and Leg postures book with meaning in Tamil. Kindly advise

  3. Bhanu Priya Kukreja

    loved the information as it was very useful for my project as well as dance performance.

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