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Ardhachandra Hand Gesture (Mudra)

In Ardhachandra all the finger are held straight and together, except the thumb finger which is held apart. It is just like the Pataka gesture , but the thumb finger is held straight and not bent like in Pataka.


Following is the Viniyoga Shloka (uses):

Chandra krishnashtami Bhaji glahastarthakepi cha

Bhallayudhe devatanam-bhishechana-karmani
Bhukapatre chodbhave katyamchintayam atmavachake

Dhyane cha prarthane chape anganam sparshane tatha
Prakrutanam namaskare ardhachandro niyujyate

It is used to denote the following:-

  • It denotes the eight phase of the wanning fortnight of the moon. (Half Moon)
  • A hand seizing the throat
  • A Spear
  • Consecrating and bathing an image
  • A dinning Plate
  • source or beginning
  • Waist
  • contemplation
  • Meditation
  • prayers
  • Touching of ones limbs
  • Accosting ordinary people


  1. sangeeta

    Hi, i find this site very useful . I need an entire database of all the hand, leg , neck , waist movements so that i can use computer as a tool for choreography.

  2. hari

    hi,i lik bharatham &i tried to learn 3or4 times &i couldnt make it full
    all in vain.i hope this site will help me now.its a wonderfull job
    given by aim is to become a .bharatanatiyam dancer.but my
    parents never liked that.Really i must b very thankful to u.thank u
    thank u,thank u.

  3. lavanya

    hi this is so useful, thanks. have you not got the sanskrit words for the mayura and ardachandra mudas?

  4. swadhin Sharma

    This is a wrong representation of Ardhachandra, which will lead new learners in wrong impression for Bharatnatyam Mudras.

  5. Anjali

    @Swadhin, there are various positions of the palm with Ardhachandra. This is one of them. You could also show it with palms facing out.

  6. swadhin Sharma

    @Anjali- Sorry if I have hurt your sentiment(Which I think I have).
    No hard feelings but I think I was very blunt and immature.
    Will look into the picture for Ardhachandra represented by you and will reach back.

  7. swadhin Sharma

    @Anjali – Sorry for getting back very late….
    But I would like to apologize for my previous immature comments. As you said there are multiple positions of the palm to represent Ardhachandra. I was not aware of the one hear and without thinking much posted, but after abit R&D I found this also one of the way for representing it.
    Tk cr.

  8. Sujeewa Karunathas

    This site is really good and nice for the students of bharatanatyam. my daughter studied bharathanatyam she will be very escited. she all the time entire this site. I wants ask something please can you give us the one hand and double hands mudras meaning .I hope you will upload them soon. Thank for co-operation with us and others. once again thanks.

  9. Maithili Raval

    thank you for sharing this. in fact i am a kathak dancer. asamyukta and samyukta hastas are the same so this site is really helpful when exams come around. thank youu

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