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Suchi Hand Gesture (Mudra)

The Middle finger, Ring finger and Little finger is pressed against the thumb, while the forefinger is held straight.


It is used to denote the following

  • Suchi: literally means a Needle
  • Ekarthaepi: Number one
  • Parabrahma bhavana: The Supreme soul
  • Shataypi: One hundred
  • Ravau:The Sun
  • nagaryam : A City
  • lokarthay : The world
  • tathayti vachanaypi : like say “ I told you”
  • Yachshabdaypi tatshabday : Saying “like that” or “that which”
  • Vijanarthaypi: Lonliness
  • tarjany : Threatening
  • Karshay : Growing slim
  • shalakay : thorns
  • Vapushi: Body
  • Ashcharye: Astonishment
  • Vainibhavanay: tie your hair
  • Chhatre: An Umbrella
  • Samrthay: Capability
  • Panau: Palms
  • Romalayam: Showing eye brows
  • Bayrivadanay: to play drums
  • Kulalchakra bramanay: potters wheel
  • Rathanga mandalay: Circumference of a wheel
  • Vivechanay: Enquiry
  • Dinantaycha: End show end of the day


  1. radha

    Hi, ams.anjali, as i go through ur explanations, i am fascinated by the extent of visual vocabulary. is it possible for u to also give the sanskrit sloka for each of these viniyogas? thanks.

  2. Veena

    Hi Anjali, would it be possible for you to give the sanskrit shliokas for all the hasta viniyogas?


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