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Sarpashirsha Hand gesture (Mudra)

This mudra is like the snakes hood. When the Hand is held in Pataka Mudra and the fingers are bend from the tip to form a hollowed palm we get Sarpashirsha Mudra.


Viniyoga shloka

Chandanay Bhujangay mandray

prokshanay poshanadishu devasyokadanayshu

asphlay gajakumbhayoho bhujasthany mallaanam

Yujyantay sarpashirshakaha 

This Mudra is used to denote the following.

  • Bhujangay: A Snakes Hood
  • Chandanay: Sandal Paste
  • Mandray: Slower
  • Prokshanay: Sprinkling water
  • Poshanadishu: Nourishing or caress 
  • Devasyokadanayshu: Giving water to Gods and sages
  • Asphalay: To encourage 
  • Gajakumbhay: Movement of protrusion of Elephants head
  • bhujasthanay Mallanam: Show the Arms of wrestlers


  1. hiral shah


    Pls provide the shloka of all the single & double hand gestures. In case of single hand gestures, shlokas are mentioned till Chandrala only


  2. Shruti

    Chandane Bhujage Mandre Prokshane Poshanadishu
    Devashudaka daaneshu Hyaspale gajagumbayoho
    Bhujastaletu Mallanam yudyate Sarpasheershakaha

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