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Kapota Hand Gesture (Mudra)

When the Anjali Mudra is slightly bulging at the knuckles of the palm we get the Kapota Hasta. In this gesture the palms touch each other only at the Tips and the base of the palm. The center is cupped.

Kapota Hand Gesture (Mudra)

Lets take look the Viniyoga shloka (uses) of the Kapota Hasta

Praname guru sambhashe
vinayange kruteshvayam

The shloka says that Kapota can be used to denote the following:

  • Respectful salutations.
  • Such a Mudra is held while conversation with teachers or Guru .
  • Its a mark of acceptance or obedience.
  • It shows the Vinayam (down to earth attitude) quality of an individual.

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  1. siri

    I am a beginner and just started learning bharatanatyam. I am going to perform hand gestures for a slokam “suklam baradharam vishnum…”. Can you please tell me how to express dantham, eka dantham and aneka dantham?

  2. Anjali

    “Anekadantam bhaktanam” meaning one who gives plenty to the devotees. Which can be shown first by counting the fingers to denote “Aneka” and using Pushpatupta to show the act of Giving. Hansapakshika with both hands showing devotees. “Eka dantam” refers to the one tusked. This can be shown with Shakata in the right hand.

  3. rupasree

    Hi Madam,

    Please help me, I want to know about chaturvedha abhinaya in bharathanatyam,


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