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DVD Natyarambham- Learning Adavus in Bharatanatyam

Today I am happy to announce that we are ready to release the first part of our DVD on Adavus, the basic steps in Bharatanatyam. It’s been almost a year we have been working on this. We are calling the DVD as” Natyarambham- Learning Adavus in Bharatanatyam Part 1“. The first part covers

  1. Tatta Adavu,
  2. Natta Adavu,
  3. Visharu Adavu
  4. Tatti Metti Adavu
  5. Teermanam Adavu.

Our second DVD is called Natyarambham-Learning Advaus in Bharatanatyam -Part 2. It consists of

  1. Kuditta Metta Adavu
  2. Sarikal Adavu
  3. Sutral Adavu
  4. Jaati Advau
  5. Mandi Advau


I had many visitors to the site asking for a compilation of the youtube videos. Instead of giving them the current videos, we decided to redo all of them so that you get better value . We have reworked  all the adavus on the Blog to give you a more content and consistency. I have added a few more tips and closeups of all the leg movements. This should give a clear demonstration of the intricate footwork.

Some of the highlights and benefits of the DVD:

More content:  All the videos have been retaken and we have more details for each Adavu.

New Updated Videos: Updated all the demo videos based on my 5 plus years of teaching online. Tips and correction are given at the required places.

All steps with you always: Whether offline or online, DVD should be a great way to have all the step in one place.

Close up: We have all the footwork in close-up so that it is easy to understand and follow along.

How to use the DVD

For each Adavu, I have talked about the concept at the beginning. It moves on to showing the hand movements. The student can try doing the movements along with my explanation. Then the footwork is explained , which is also a practice along. You may pause the video after the footwork and try working on the hand and footwork until it is mastered. Then play the video again and practice along with the synchronized movements.  The steps are demonstrated in a slow or medium speed depending on the complexity of the variation. Once the student has worked on one step with video , stop/pause and practice the same for some more time before moving to the next variation.

How to buy the DVD

Our DVD’s are being shipped by and are currently available to countries serviced by them.

  1. Click here  to buy the DVD
  2. If you are in India and want the DVD, please read the post Order Natyarambham DVD from India.
  3. If  your country is not available in the drop down list please let us know and we will make all efforts to ship the same to you.

Appreciate all your support for the site and hope this DVD helps you learning the dance form.  In turn, this helps us help you better. Please let us know your feedback and we will try and incorporate in the next part

600 DVD Box








  1. evanghelia

    Dear Anjali,

    I’m very happy to see that you are thinking of us, the beginners in Bharatanatyam and recorded this DVD.I want to buy it but my country is not on the list, I’m from Romania;also please tell me how much is the shipping fee
    thank you

    Evanghelia Mateescu

  2. Anjali

    @evanghelia, thank you for your interest. Your country Romania is on the shipping list. Please go ahead and order. thanks

  3. liliana

    hola angali, mi pais no se encuentra en la lista , colombia …me podrias dar mas informacion de los precios …muchas gracias

  4. Sri

    Dear Anjali, Kindly do the needful to get in India. Had been searching for DVD version for a long time! Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  5. Chatura Sawant

    Dear Anjali ,
    I am impressed by ur dance explanation . I am 40 and I love bharatnatyam from childhood but couldn’t afford and now when I can afford I don’t have teacher . But u helped me a lot . Real hearty thanks to you

  6. Rupesh Karale

    I am from India. Please tell me how to order your DVD for my daughter. She is in 1st Standard. She has started to learn it from local teacher here. Your demo videos are easy and clear so that she can practice it at home. So please send me details.

  7. Anjali

    @rupeskarale, I have emailed you the details. on how to order the DVD here in India.

  8. kanages

    hi,im from Malaysia .I want but dvd .. but to Malaysia don’t have choice to calculate shipping .. pls help me

  9. tanusree

    Maam i learnt little bit of bharatnatyam dance in my childhood but i want to learn more like PADAM,AND MANY MORE .PLZ HELP.IhVe learned Alaripu,jyotiswaram,Tillana,Shabdam…

  10. Pratik

    Anjali Ma’am,
    Thank You very much for this DVD.
    Please let us know when will the second part of this DVD be released. Eagerly waiting for the same.

  11. trisha kaushik

    i in India in Bhopal , I need one DVD of this. How I can get it as our country is not listed. awaiting your reply. regards Trisha Kaushik

  12. Anjali

    @Pratik, We will have the second DVD released in a weeks time. So you will have one in the new year. Thank you.

  13. rajiv

    anjali maam can you upload the bols for all the adavus ecept tatta adavu.It will be really helpful in practicing after watching the video and how many days does it take for the dvd to be delivered.


  14. kalay

    vanakkam anjali. i love your website. I would like to purchase your dvd but south africa is not on the list.Please advise how i can go ahead and order.

    many thanks

  15. ebimon

    dear madam i am from Qatar. But my family members is in Kerala Eranakulam How they can buy DVD.Is there any any shop in eranakulam. any contact number if any please send me my mail.

  16. hema

    I am from India. Please tell me how to order your DVD. Your demo videos are easy and clear so that we can practice it at home. So please send me details.

  17. Deepa

    Dear Mam,
    I live in UAE and I don’t know if there is Cd over there of yrs please tell me if there is
    If not my relatives live in thrissur where could I find your cd ?

  18. Deepa

    Dear Mam
    I live with my family in a flat in UAE
    I do not know if in UAE there is your cd please tell me if your cd is being sold some were in UAE and where do I get that cd
    If not (if there is no cd of yours in uae) my relatives live in kerela where I was originated too. But my relatives live in thrissur please tell me if they sell in thrissur your cd please tell me where too in which shops and all please here is my e-mail address [email protected]

  19. Diana María Zuluaga

    Please, I want to buy the DVD but I am in Colombia , in Pereira city (Risaralda), is it possible to send it to me? How much the DVD will cost with shipping included ?

  20. Anjali

    can you email us your shipping address to anjali @ will gte back to you with the cost and payment details

  21. Nandayi

    I have this DVD and it is a blessing. I bought a lot of other bharatanatyam dance DVDs that were supposed to be for beginners and they all seemed to be so advanced, starting the videos with moves that seem impossible to a novice.

    Anjali, your instruction through this site and the DVD is the best I’ve found on this beautiful dance form. Thanks for making it easy for me to get started.

    It makes me feel more grounded and my samyama practice has also become easier since beginning. Thank you.

  22. Ni

    Hi.. This is all the way from Fiji Islands. I am impressed to see that you have dvds available. Please could you let me know how i can purchase them and dvds can be shipped to Fiji

  23. Anjali

    hello, Please email your address anjali @ and shall get back to you with shipping details. Thank you.

  24. Aiswarya

    Hi Anjali,
    I have downloaded the DVD part 1 . It is really helpful. But to practice daily, is it possible to get the audios(sollukettu) of all adavus?


    I am from South Africa and would like to purchase your dvd but I cannot access the option to purchase the discs

  26. Joana Manalal

    Hi Anjali mam,thank you very much for Natyarambham DVD. I have Natyarambham part1 and daughter is nearly finished second DVD, can I buy more DVD S related to this please

  27. Sabrina

    Hello I’m writing from Sri Lanka!
    Is it possible to deliver it here? I can’t find the country on the drop down menu.
    Thank you!

  28. Sreejith N

    Hello Anjali,

    What is the style (Tanjaore/Melattur/Kalakshetra etc) of Bharatanatyam that you follow?


  29. Anjali

    Please try the download version of the videos. The shipping company may not have your country for shipping

  30. Namratha Konagavalli

    Hi Anjali,

    I appreciate your idea of recording the classes on to a DVD. I live in Illinois, USA. May I please know if you ship the DVD still?

    Appreciate it.


  31. Mary

    Dear Anjali,
    do you sell these DVD in a format that is possible to download? So we will avoid shipping costs. Please let me know. Kind regards,
    Maria, Italy

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