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Sutral Adavu First variation

The following is the video of first variation in sutral adavu. The Bols are Tat Tai Tam, Dhit Tai Tam. Since this step has two parts, two sets of Tat Tai Tam Dhit Tai Tam would complete one side.


  1. laya

    you are simply awesome. thanks so much for these lessons. I have learned bharatanatyam till natta adavulu but then moved to canada, so I didnt have a chance to learn further lessons. You helped me learn those through your website. this is really a great work, please keep posting

  2. Aafrin Ahmed

    maàm i want learn bharatnaatyam but don’t know anything about this dance form. so i request you to please help and teach me. If this will happen , it’s a honour to me. Thank you

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