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Hand Gesture for Yama


Yama in the Hindu mythology is considered the God of death. Yama is described as mounted on a black buffalo. He holds a noose in one hand, in order to catch hold of his victims. In the other he holds a mace which represents his weapon. He is the son of Vivasvat (sun, surya) and sharanya (wife of surya, the clouds). He is also known as Kaal or Kalan

With reference to dance, the Abhinayadarpanam states

Vama pasham dakshinetu suchi yama karaha smritaha

The shloka says that left hand be held in Pasha hasta. For my convinience , I remember it as Tamrachuda hasta in the left hand. And right hand in Suchi hasta pointing the left hand.


  1. sacalante

    Anjali yesterday I was training in the park for four hours, without any kind of pain or nothing, to disturb the joy of the dance, the combat, or how a poetry can described your art, only the joy of movement, and the nexus between all living beings is the air or the prana, and it’s the gift of Lord Yama, I’m still wondering who create and defined the term of death, because it’s only one step on our lives, and again the only thing i can ask for you and your dear ones, it’s the blessing of our Lordess Lakshmi.

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