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Sandamsha Hand gesture (Mudra)

Sandamsha involves closing and opening of fingers. It means all the finger get closer touching each other at the tip and then open up separating.

sandamsha1 sandamsha2

Viniyoga Shlokam

Udaray balidaanay cha vrnay keetay mahabhaye

archanay panchasankhyanaam samdamshakhyo niyujyatay

Lets study the viniyogas Samdamsha hasta :

  • Sandamsha means a Pincer.
  • Udaray: A belly
  • balidaanay: Offerings made to deities/ Worship
  • vrnay: Wound
  • keetay: Worms
  • mahabhaye: To show great anxiety
  • panchasankhyanaam : To show number five

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