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Palli hand gesture

Palli is done by holding Mayura hasta and then crossing middle finger over the index finger. The viniyoga shloka say: “Pallyarthe Viniyujyate”, which means it is used to it is used to represent a Hut.

Palli Hasta




  1. Sarangarajan.R

    Hello Anjali,

    I am not able to do this mudra. May be practice should help. Are you able to do it with ease?

    Best wishes for your continued good contribution to the art.


  2. C.P. Unnikrishnan

    The old school of Kathakali did use the Palli mudra almost as seen in the photograph, but the middle finger not curving over the index finger;; but held straight. It is obsolete now.

  3. evanghelia

    Hello Anjali,
    I’m from Romania and I like very much to dance Bharatanatyam : I practice almost everyday following your indications.
    Thank you very much for doing it.
    Evanghelia M.

  4. Diva Rawat

    Hi I am diva and i am learning bharatnatyam from 5years unnikrishnan is right the middle finger is not curved…… I like your website very very much as i am going to shift to banglore yehlanka i am not able to find find a bharatnatyam dance class there so that i can continue so i will get into touch of the website i am 10 years old

  5. Ankita Khanna

    Can you help me with the uses of this particular mudra? Been looking for it almost everywhere. But couldn’t find anything promising.

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