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Devata Hastas-Hand gestures to denote the deities

Hope you had a great Navaratri. Wish you Good health, wealth and prosperity.

Also do take a look at the images added to the last post “Dashavatara hasta-hand gestures for the 10 incarnation of lord Vishnu

In the forthcoming posts we shall see the hand gestures used to represent and describe different deities that we often hear about. The Abhinaya Darpanam lists of the hand gestures for

  1. Brahma
  2. Shiva
  3. Vishnu
  4. Saraswati
  5. Parvati
  6. Lakshmi
  7. Ganesha
  8. Kartikeya
  9. Manmatha
  10. Indra
  11. Agni
  12. Varuna
  13. Yama
  14. Nirrti
  15. Vayu
  16. kubera

These are the names of Hindu gods who are often seen worshiped. I shall be posting on each of these deities separately. Lets start with Lord Brahma first.


  1. Maitri Pramanik

    can you show us debata hastas of bayu @ kubera…..
    I also want to know about nasika bhedam

  2. Mirajkar

    Hello, the deva hastas are really helpful but could you also please add vayu, kubera, isana, surya, candra and raksasa.

    Thanks 🙂

  3. swathi

    in nirutti, the sloka states that it is shakata hastha in right hand. is there no difference brahmara and shakata.

  4. WEllen

    It really helped when other sites didn’t. ….thanks a lot ……I am very lazy to write a comment but ur helpful site convinced me a lot …..once again thank q

  5. shylashree

    Start the Junior, Senior, pre vidwat post vidwat portions also please it will be very helpful

  6. Beena tatwamasi

    Aralo dakshine haste vaame chaardha patakika
    dhrutaa chet vaayudevasya kara itya bhidheeyate

    Hold the Arala hasta on your right hand at the chest level and Ardhapataka on your left hand to the side below the natyarambha level.

    Vaame padmam dakshinetu gaadaa yakshapateha karaha

    Hold the Mushti hasta on your right hand and Alapadmam on your left hand.

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