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Teermanam Adavu third step (Video)

In the third step we need to tap our leg twice and repeat the first step. lets take a look at the video and understand it better. The Bols of this step is Tai Tai Dhit Dhit Tai. Every Tai is equal to one tap.

1. Be in Ardhamandala posture with hands held in Tripataka close to the chest.

2. Tap your right leg in the above position. Say Tai

3. Again tap your left leg in the same position. Say Tai

4. Then take the right leg forward and place it on the heels (The Natta position). Take your right hand forward in Tripataka hasta facing up. Keep it straight in line with the shoulders right in front of your eyes. The left hand is placed in Tripataka close to the chest. Say Dhit.

5. Now tap your left leg that is behind. Bring back your right hand in Tripataka close to the chest. Say Dhit.

6. Lastly tap your right leg. Move the right hand to the back and with Tripataka facing out. Say Tai.

Mirror the above steps on to the left side to continue with the next count.


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