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First Adavu in Bharatanatyam – Tatta Adavu

The word Tatta literally means “to tap”. In this adavu, we are taught the Bharatanatyam way of leg tapping. This adavu involves only the use of legs unlike most other adavus.

As described in earlier post “More about Adavus”, every adavu has a Bol or syllable. The Bol is used to provide a rythym for the steps (like 1-2, 1-2-3 etc.) and also acts as a mnemonic for the steps. The Bol for Tatta adavu is “tai ya tai hi”.

Here is a representation of the steps:

1) While doing this adavu, you need to be in the Ardhamandal(half sitting) posture.


2) Place your Palms on the waist with the inside of the palm facing outside.

Hands Back

3) Please try to keep a practice of starting every Adavu with your right side(leg in this adavu). So first lift your right leg towards the inner thigh and then tap the floor with flat feet (say “tai ya”).

4) Once the right leg is grounded, repeat the same with the left leg (say ”tai hi”).

5) Continue the steps (“tai-ya”, “tai-hi”) till you have a good feel of the step. We would practice each step 30 times in around 3 minutes. Remember that the one tap each of left and right legs is counted as one step.

Simple Is’nt it? I shall post the details of next steps for Tatta adavu on next posts. Meanwhile look at the rest of the animation for the other steps in link.

Also Watch the Video for Tatta Adavu here.

You can hear the sollukettu here:


Happy Practicing!


  1. kavita


    You are doing a wonderful service to all of us. Please continue to post and make dance simple for the numerous eager minds and budding artistes.


  2. Mayuri

    Hi Anjali,

    Thanks a lot, for reminding me my old days….now I have started practicing again…once again thanks a lot and i am looking forward for your guidance

  3. Anita

    Ur doing a good job. I need a favour. I want the dasavatharam song “Paal Kadal”.Is there a way to download it from the net??

  4. osandi

    Guru Anjali,

    It’s a pleasure to write you first. I’m from Sri Lanka. I like Bharatanatyam very much. But here we have no enough teachers and resources to learn Bharatanatyam.
    But in the morning when I’m searching for dancing lessons I found your web site and watch some of them. They are so simple and attractive, so I kindly request you more lessons of Bharatanatyam. Please update the site frequently. Thanks again.

  5. Anjali

    Hi Osandi, Thanks a lot for visiting this site. I appreciate the strong desire and efforts your are taking in learning the art. I have posted a lot of matter on the gesture, Abhinaya and some basic theory do go through them. It will improve your understanding on the subject. I shall be posting some more videos soon.

  6. madhavi

    HI Anjali!
    My name is Madhavi. I learnt dance for 8 yrs and now i wanted to start again after 10 yrs. your steps and the way you have put on te website is really good. I followed your steps again. i remeber my past days in kalakshetra in chennai.
    I remember tattu aduvus have 8 variations but here you have said only six viriations…. can you please tell me the other two.
    I live here in Connecticut.
    you are incredible.
    Thanks& Regards

  7. Anjali

    Hi Madhvi, thanks for visiting. Some have asked me this question. But I donot have the answer. I was thought only six. But I have learnt the other two variation after starting this blog. Thanks to the visitors who keep adding their ideas and opinion. Go the Tatta Adavu fifth or the sixth step, we had such a discussion earlier. Once again thanks for your kind words.

  8. Anita M Gharat

    u r doing a wonderful job.i m staying in dubai n just joined Bharat natyam………………
    Thnx a lot……….
    dis is helping me a lot

  9. Shah Krupa Ketan

    Your website is very helpful….I just wanted to know that in what language are our hasta Mudras? are they in Sanskrit?

    thank you onece again…you are doing a great job…

  10. Bhuvana

    Dear Anjali,

    Im inspired by your posts. Im a Classical Bharathanatyam Dancer performing shows. I like your presentation. A good source to all of us. Keep Rocking. All the best ……

  11. poorvi

    i’m a dancer so i’m telling barathanatya is good.
    like all the adauv in barathanatya .
    message 2 peoples: ” learn barathanatya” please from bangalore. thank you.:-)

  12. gorriesshajivarghese

    this is awesome ! iam a classical dancer. and iam going to do BA in bharathanatyam it will be useful

  13. SHAMA

    It is helping me too good and I am interested in it. Hattsoff to the creator of the dance bharatanatyam

  14. roshini

    hi anjali really an awesome job its very useful bcoz iam learning bharatanatyam for 7yrs but i dont know the theory at all so i think now i will learn it thank u so much

  15. Amulya

    Hi…first of all thanks alot for such an educative n detailed site…
    my daughter just started learning n this site is of more informative for me to understand n help her in practice….thanks to the team


    its very good , first time am seeing online teaching for dance , especially in classical dance , great full job

  17. Shikha

    Hi Anjali
    I am a cabin crew living in Singapore and just started to learn Bharatnatyam.I am 24 years old.Its been 6 classes and I still find adavus very tiring.Is it a very common problem or its my age which is a barrier because most of the times we Indians learn classical dance at a very young age.However my Guruji is very patient with me and I feel lucky to have him as a Guru.Also I love your videos.Very helpful and beautifuly done.

  18. kavitha



  19. chahek oberoi

    this site can help people to learn bharatnatyam free!!!
    this is even a great site coz if you see this site you will not require to search for any classes it itself is a great one!!!!!!!

  20. Rusha Dutta

    Hi Anjali! Ihave done a little bit of bharatnatyam and kathak coures. Now I am practising with you as i am staying in a place where classical dances are not common and i tend to forget. You website is helping me a lot ……thanks a ton. I want to complete the full degree course online……can i get a certificate if i finish it…is there any option for exam……I stay in Sikkim,India.Please let me know….I would be soooo grateful
    Thanks again……

  21. shamika

    Hi anjali… Ty fr u guidance plz keep guiding me till d end I like dancing and want to learn it BT due to lack of time I could not BT after checking dis site I think I ll learn it soon tysm

  22. Sangeetha Nair

    Learnt bharathanatyam 30 years back. I am 45 years now. I really missed this profession. Want to start again. Hope I can learn from your website. Want to start a class. Need ur help.

  23. Aish

    My 3 year old daughter is attending bharathanatyam classes. She comes home and does some steps.. which I dont have any idea.. so just googled and your site is giving me so much of information.. Thank you so much

  24. Smile

    Hello,namaskaram.I know that Bharatnatyam tatta adavu has 8 have to stamp your foot eight times: Right foot: Tai ya Tai ya Tai Tai tam
    Left foot: Tai ya Tai ya Tai Tai tam.thanks.

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