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Samayukta Hastas or Double Hand Gestures in Bharatanatyam

Samyukta Hastas are also called as Double hand gestures or Combined hand gestures. Unlike Asamyukta hastas, these gestures require use of both the palms to convey the message or a particular meaning. For example the Anjali Mudra is a simple gesture where both the palms are joined to mean a Namskara or to imply salutations. I have also put some images of double hand gestures. Each gestures has its own uses which is termed as Viniyoga. I am writing a separate post on each of these mudras.

Audio of the shlokam:

[audio:samyukta hasta.mp3]

If you would like to download this audio, right click here and save to computer

Click through each of the mudras to read the explanation and pictures.


  1. aashay

    your site is really very good for the students of bharatanatyam..
    please give more details with the vinyogas of all the asamyukta as well as smayukta hasta as i have to do a project .

  2. Anjali

    Thanks Aashay for your kind words. Stay tuned and I shall post them soon. Just wanted to know what is your project like ? and by when you need to submit it.

  3. Preeanka

    hiya! ireally think your site is helpful!i think you should put the pictures for all of the samayukta hastas so i know what they all they all look like!

  4. Sheela

    Hello! I visited this site just today for my daughter. I wanted her to be familiar with samyuktha hasthas before her teacher teaches them. This site is very informative. I will definitely encourage my daughter to go through the entire contents. She will be very excited. Thank you.

  5. Sheela

    I will be waiting for the last four pictures of the samyuktha hasthas. Hope you will upload them soon!

  6. radha

    very good site, i studied dance 30 odd years back and was not taught much of theory.although i know the mudras and a large amount of usage, having danced and performed for over 15 yrs, i have recently been on the lookout for theory . I would really like to see more on the viniyoga of all mdras. u r really helping alot of people, thank you

  7. Anjali

    Thanks a lot Radha. It feels nice to hear such words from experienced dancers like you. I feel I am blessed. Yes I am updating this site daily. I shall be posting all of them soon.

  8. Josyula Gayathri Devi

    hey iam actually very mad abt bharatanatyam.. which i couldnt continue because of my studies and all… but ur website was very helpful in knowing all the mudras… 🙂 i saw all the mudras which u posted.. they were really helpful for me… 🙂 nuthin else to say.. so bye.. and thank u… i want to learn bharatanatyam online.. if u can help me.. i ll be very glad…

  9. crissy

    please can you give us the avahitha in double hand gestures??
    thank you.

    Hi Cissy
    Avahita is when both the hands are crossed at the wrists (like Swastika) with the Alapadma hasta. I shall post it soon.

  10. Anila

    Happy to see ur site.The description about the Mudras were very nice and helpful also .Thank you so much.

  11. preyia

    really helpful for students, im learning bharatnatyam in fiji, found very hard to learn the hastas and i kinda fogot easily. but you have been a great help.. thank you

  12. sufin

    dear guru
    your page is too good
    though i am a student of dance by correspondence course
    i am learing a lot of help from your page
    your help is needed for me to complete my paper on dance and divinity
    if you can help me something it would be a great thing for me
    sufin francis

  13. anjali arora

    nameste good to see ur site i m student of class 7th learning bharatanatyam in school was looking for my school home work of gir bhedas but i didnt can u pls help me i need images & details if u can i will b very greatful to u thanks

  14. Anju

    Please suggest how the “Kamal Ghumana” (to turn around the lotus) is performed in bharatnatyam.

  15. Chandrika


    Your Website is very useful for kids learning Bharatanatyam. I will recommend this site to all my friends.


  16. Preethi

    Hello Mam,
    i love dance so much, but due to my parents i cldnt learn dance, nw iam married n learing dance thru ur site thank u so much. Thanks a lot Mam

  17. harshini

    thank you very much,it was very useful to and others.I thank you once again. we had a club day on Feb 02 2011.So, i had your help to learn everything

  18. Rina

    This is a great site to learn Bharatanatyam…The pictures and links for the samayukta hastas helped me so much! You are a big help to the students of Bharatanatyam, Thanks so much.

  19. shikha

    Your site has helped me to understand what i was not able to understand in class as they talk in kannada and i don’t know the language.. please keep posting the basics and thank u for the help.

  20. Reshma Ramanathan

    Iwould like to know more about Avahitta or Awahitam what is its correct speeling and the defnition for this Samythahasta called avahitta

  21. Anjali

    @Reshma, When writing in English there is nothing write or wrong as far as proper nouns are concerned. Any of the above spelling are ok. And its not Samytha but Samyukta hasta.

  22. sakthi ..

    This is a great site to learn Bharatanatyam…The pictures and links for the samayukta hastas helped so much students , You are a big help to the students of Bharatanatyam, . thank you so much for doing this.

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