Hand gesture for Indra

November 3rd, 2008 by Anjali


Indra is said to be the king of Gods. He is more often known as the god of thunder storms, wielding a celestial weapon, The Vajra, a lighting bolt. Indra is described as reddish in complexion with two or four hands. He is the son of the Sky god and the mother earth, Prithvi. It seems he was born fully grown. He is married to Indrani. He rides on a white elephant called the Airavata. In some stories it is said that when Shiva sent his men to find a head to revive Ganesha. They could find nobody except Airavata sleeping facing the north and thus brought his head for Ganesha. He said to preside over the swargaloka or the heavens which his kingdom. No sorrow or fear was allowed in his kingdom. Apsaras and the gandharvas danced and entertained his attendants.

Abhinayadarpanam states

tripatakscha swastikascha shkrhastaha prakirtita

Indra is represented with tripataka in both hands crossed at the wrists like swastika.

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