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Hand gesture for Manmatha


In hindu mythology Mammatha is often know as Kamadeva. He is the God of love. He is the one who induces lusty desires in our minds. In some pictures he is seen as a winged man holding a bow and an arrow. His bow is made of sugarcane with a string of honey bees. And an arrow decorated with five fragrant flowers. His vehicle is a parrot or a sparrow. Rati is his consort. In some stories is said to be the son of Krishna and Rukmini. Thus pradhuyumna, krishna’s son is believed to be a rebirth of kamadeva after he was burned to ashes by Shiva.

With reference to dance, Natyshastra states

vame karetu shikharau dakshine katakamukhaha
manmatahsya karaha natyashastrartha kovadaihi

By holding right hand in Katakamukha and the left hand in Shikhara hasta manmatha is represented.

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