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Apalam Chapalam – Old melodies

This is one of the best choreographies in Hindi movies. I think one of the purest versions of Bharatanatyam that bollywood movies have ever had.

Some say these dancers were called “Vellakanni sisters”. I donot know who choreographed this. I would be happy if anybody could let us know. It is from the movie “Azad”.

These dancer have done excellent Mandi adavus which involves steps in full sitting postures. This Adauv involves jumping and sitting down in poorna mandi and then standing up and completing the step. Mandi adavu is one of the difficult adavus in bharatanatyam. It not easy to do them in the first and the second speed. But the third speed is a Hats off to who ever does it with ease. And these dancer have done a wonderful job.

This song would be a great choice for competitions and dance programs as it gives the dancer an opportunity to exhibit both Nritta (pure dance) as well as Abhinaya (expressions).


  1. Anjali Damerla

    The dancers are Ragini and Padmini. They were pretty famous in those times. I had seen this dance several times before but till now never realized how difficult the steps are 🙂
    It really is a very beautiful dance.

  2. Sheetal

    I think it is the best choreographed Hindi video of all time. Closely followed by ‘Hasta hua noorani chehera’.
    Do write about your tryst with Bharatanatyam, ma’am..about how/where you learned it et al. Concert videos, performances..we rarely have concerts here.

  3. Reshma

    I watched the video..its wonderful..but i dont think its padmini and ragini…i am sorry…dont want to offend any one..but i sincerely feel its not padmini ragini…

  4. B.S.Shivarama

    The sisters SAI andSUBBALAXMI performed the dance are unchallenged .absolute synchrononisation in thier steps.Thier superlative dance gave the movie best rating.Needlessto say that Lata and Usha mangeshkar sisters are par excellent in rendering the song.GOd bless these great personalities.I have no superier words to offer my word of appriciation.none can equal their dance calibere.

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