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Ask the Readers – Are the Posts Helpful?

I have so far posted details on the four steps of Tatta adavu. Please let me know your valuable feedback:

  1. Is the style of presentation helpful for you to understand the Adavu?
  2. Are you able to refer to the descriptions and practice?
  3. Any improvement or suggestions to help you understand better?
  4. Is there any additional information that you would like to see?

Please leave your comments or email me directly to make the posts more effective. Appreciate all your valuable inputs 🙂


  1. Swarna

    Hi answering questions in order
    1. Style of presentation is amazing , extremely clear as to what is expected of each step.
    2. Yes the descriptions are very useful too, but i personally prefer the videos better, not that there is anything wrong with the descripition but from a learning point of view as i am a visual learner its easier for me to follow along with the steps.
    3.At this point in time no.
    4. I would like to know what style of bharatanatyam you are following, kalakshetra, vazhuvoor, melathur or pandanallur style? just wondering

    Thank you for your contributions to help willing students like myself who are very much interested in bharatanatyam but have lost touch over the past few years but are trying to get back to learning this amazingly graceful dance form. I would like to say that through this website you are reviving culture and for this many thanks:)

  2. Anjali

    Thanks a lot Swarna for your honest review. Support from people like will always keep me inspired and do better. I follow the Pandanalur style.

  3. katie

    I think the layout of this website is brilliant.
    The video presentation couldnt be better, very easy to follow and understand.
    Practising alongside the resources here is very enjoyable.

    I like the way you convey the meaning and not just describe the steps. I also really enjoy the inclusion of music and interviews.

    With regards to additional information that i would like: Im still confused about something: the adavus are the basic building blocks of bharatanatyam, but where do the the shlokam, kautukams, and pushpanjali etc come into it?
    I am also confused by the words: abhinaya, swaram, charanams and pallavi.
    As a beginner i am still trying to get a grasp on the vocabulary and fundamentals of bharatanatyam.

    As to improvements: maybe a glossary of terms would be helpful?

    Thank you so much for doing this website!!!

  4. kalpana

    Hi Anajali

    You are a good dancer and teacher too… It’s a year i have started learning bharatanatyam. Everytime i finish my lesson with teacher I look through adavus for the intircate details like body and eye movements and facial expressions.

    I get immensely motivated by seeing your dance.

    Keep up the good work


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