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Adavu (The initial steps)

Bharatanatyam blogger Shreenidhi has a posting on Adavu positions. The basic positions described are:

  1. ARAIMANDI Half Seated Position.
  2. SAMAPADAM Legs Together
  3. MANDI Full Seated Position

The positions “Araimandi” is synonymous with “Ardhamandal” and “Samapadam” is synonymous with “Sama” mentioned in my “Day – 1” posting.

Adavu Positions [The Art of Bharatanatyam]

To read more about Adavus click here.


  1. d pavan kumar

    hello mam ,
    i would like to convey my happiness to you..because i am at 31 age
    still i have a much of interest to learn dance .. your videos make me inspired and make me a classical dance student ..
    pavan from adilabad

  2. aparna

    Hi anjali its great to speak to you . Your teaching is awesome in a slow n detailed way. I want the videos of Mai adavu, Rangakramana adavu plzzzzz can you upload I am a regular follower of your videos

  3. shrinivas

    Hi anjali i wanted to know what is the minimum age to learn Bharatnatya, i have 3year 6month old daughter she is very much interested in learning Bharat natya is this safe to learn in this physically effect on her growth or on body. Please reply
    Thank you

  4. Swastika

    What do bharathanatyam teachers say before staring an adavu? Something dhalaku thagajima thadangina thome. Can u tell me what it is?

  5. Abc

    Hi I am just a beginner of bhartnatyam I just want to learn some basic steps of bharatnatyam so can u pls help me out with this pls reply
    Thank you

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