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Namskaram !

My name is Anjali Nandan and ‘am currently in Plano,TX, USA. I have been learning Bharatanatyam from the age of 6. The learning has mostly been in Mumbai from late Smt. Madhuri Kelkar. I am a “Nritya Visharad” in Bharatnatyam from Bharatiya Sangeet Samiti.

I have got the good fortune to work along with Padmashri Smt. Hemamalini as part of various dance Ballets. It was a Divine experience working in her productions like “Mahalakshmi”, “Savitri” and “Geet-Govind”. She is a graceful and disciplined exponent of Bharatanatyam.

Apart from online lessons her school Natyam Academy in Plano, TX offers Bharatanatyam lessons to interested students in Dallas/Plano/ Frisco communities.

I am not any expert in the field having seen many greats in this art form. This Blog is a humble attempt to provide some information on the dance form as I have learnt it.

Thanks for your help and encouragement along the way!

Note (Updated Sep 21, 2009): Thanks for all the comments, suggestions and encouragement. I truly appreciate each of that.  To enable a better format for our discussion, I have added forums to the website. Request you to discuss your questions and ideas there.


  1. Santhosh K Nair

    Dear Anjali,
    My daughter is an MBBS student and she learnt classical dance from from her age 4 to 15. Now for last 4 years she is dancing only for college functions. She is practicing a dance performed by Niveda Ramalingam in “Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana Festival 2003 Dance Competition Final Performance”, but the audio quality of song is not good. This dance was uploaded in youtube with good quality vedio, but very poor audio. Can you just help me to suggest the name of song, so that i can download the same.

  2. Santhosh K Nair

    The following link is the dance performance by Niveditha Ramalingam. Kindly click the link and listen the songs and please help me

  3. mini

    I am a dancer , however i am not a professional dancer. I would like to know more about this divine art. please include me for discussions as i can clear my doubts. Thanks.



    Hi Anjali

    An amazing blog on dance.
    I have a similar background like you I started learning dance at the age of 4 and continued it throughout my college days.I have performed the dance forms in bharatnatayam,mohiniyattam and kuchippudi.
    I am currently residing in Texas and hence looking for a good platform to perform classical dance .Kindly advise the same.Your blog kind off motivated to start dancing again 🙂

  5. Anjali

    @Piyush, you can get started with approaching the local temple cultural committees, who will include you into their list ad will invite you during festivals and events to perform.


    HI ! Its been a great help for learning hastmudras from your site ,i’m 33 and just completed my PPII WITH 88%.Its good to share that i’m learning this dance form with my daughter,we both are having keen interest in bharatnatyam .

  7. Bani Maini

    Dearest Anjali,

    I respect everything you give to the world via website. Thank you for sharing this knowledge w/ the world.

    When teaching Tattadavu to children, when is it appropriate to move onto Nattadavu?

  8. Deepa

    HI Anjali………Am not sure if you are still actively teaching dance. I live in Plano and am very interested in dance for my daughter

  9. Sruthi Iyer

    Hii Anjali Ma’m….I’m Sruthi Iyer from Mumbai..I had been learning dance for 5 years but I had to discontinue midway due to intervening board exams and study schedule.However,I’m still passionate toward this art form and continue to revise all the items through your videos.I really want to appreciate your efforts at popularising this form of dance from your side…

    I would be really glad and grateful if you could choreograph a dance on Krishna nee begane and Shree Ganeshaya Dheemahi-By Shankar Mahadevan and post a video of it.I have always been longing to dance on these two beautiful songs.


  10. Sruthi Iyer

    Hii Anjali Ma’m..I’m Sruthi from Mumbai.Now I’m 18.I had been learning Bharatantyam for 5 years but had to discontinue due to intervening board exams and busy study schedule.But i still revise my dance items by watching your videos during spare time which is that what helps me retain my passion towards this beautiful dance form.I would really like to congratulate you and express my gratitude for your efforts at popularising this dance form from your end.It really helps..

    It would have been very kind of you if you could post a video of dance on Krishna nee begane and Shree Ganeshaya Dheemahi-a devotional song by Shankar Mahadevan.I have always been wanting to dance on these beautiful songs.


  11. Kalyani Suresh

    hi! I am kalyani suresh from chennai. I’ve been learning bharatanatyam for the past 8 years. And i follow vazhuvoor style.
    I actually have a doubt! what style of bharatanatyam do they follow in kalamandalam?

  12. deltty

    Hi Anjali Master,I really happy to watch your videos with explanation,synchronized movements etc.I am like Nithya who mentioned that my childhood passion was to do Indian classical dance.but no money that time.when i see this kind of dance in T.V, i used to do myself without seeing anybody.I am now 34yrs ,had all doubt like Nithya,but your answer is so encourage, hopefully i gonna fulfill my dream.your blog with full explanation about bharatanatyam,so amazing,spend such a time and i don’t think so any bharatanatyam students knows all these history deep knowledge about this dance.Thank you very much adding such a wounderful too would say the same as Nitya that I got a good guru.Thank you.God bless you

  13. Prathibha.M

    Namasthe Anjali,,
    I’m Prathibha,I’m learning bharatanatyam from since 7years…but certificate is not providing in my i need your help how to write online exams

  14. Divya

    Hi Anjali,

    I am Divya lives in Dubai.I would like to learn bharathanatyam. I had my arangettam in my school days. After marriage i leave the dance. Now i think to start again.Actually I learned it Kalamandalam style. Is there any difference in your style, I think so.Please give me an advice about how to learn more through online, because i have two kids so its difficult for me to go out here.

  15. Kal

    Hey, Thanks giving all the details in your. website. But many of the links are broken. for e.g. the his link and the pencil Stick figure links do not work would you be able to fix them? Thanks

  16. Shrijita Mishra

    Hi anjali didi
    I am Shrijita.I am 12 years now.I am learning bharatnatyam since I was 7 but I discontinued my practice last year but I am now continuing it by your website.You are really a good guru.According to me,you are the best dancer of this world.Htank you for putting this dance form online.Can you tell me where can I get the audios so that I can practice the adauvs more accurately.Aangikam bhuvanam ya sya vaachikam saravamayam aaaharyam chandrataradhike twan namaha saatvikam shivam.can you tell me some books and DVDs related to this dance.

  17. Anuksha Varghese

    Hi, I am interested in getting some choreography for a dance routine. I’ve been trained in Bharatanatyam for about 15 years on and off. Please let me if you’re interested in doing something more advanced. Thanks!

  18. jia

    Hii@anuska Varghese: Dear ma’m frankly speaking I am guy I have not learnt or tried doing bharatnatyam .. I saw some videos and which caught my attention. I don’t think the clothes or dressing matters between the gender! When I move out I want ot learn it being dress up like girl/ woman.. I have this interest ..though I am to ask directly since it is not allowed or to made fun why a guys ask for this.. If ever you can help write me

  19. Swetha

    what is the correct age to join Bharatnatyam class. My daughter is of 3yrs old and she is interested in dance.

  20. Rehan Siddiqui

    Hi maám,
    Glad to see the responce. I am also a student for the same field . this is my 3rd year. but still feel something incomplete. Kindly suggest me some book for more knowledge..

    Waiting for your revert…

  21. varsha

    i want to participate in bharathanatyam competitions held in chennai. i am interested to dance snake dance..please reccomend some competition for me

  22. Suchitra Varma

    This is an excellent site. I underwent some Bharatnatyam training in the Thanjavur style. But couldnot find many videos in that style. Finally I found this site. Its really helping me. Thanks. I would like to ask your advice on the courses , is there a way of contacting you by email.?
    Thanks and regards

  23. chandrakala

    hello mam,
    i am very much interested in learning bharatanatyam,because of some reasons i couldnt .but now i made myself convenient to learn now i am23.can i learn complete bharatanatyam through online.please suggest memam

  24. Nilima

    Dear Anjali,

    I am a 27 year old and very interested in learning Bharatnatyam,but due to my work schedule i can’t provide much time to it and moreover i dont know of any school around my place in Western Mumbai.Can you refer me to a good guru.I wanted to learn Bharatnatyam since i was a child but coud n’t do it.I want to seriously pursue the dance form.Kindly suggest some good school and guru around Mumbai-maharashtra

    Kind Regards


  25. Shubha

    Hi Anjali,

    Thank you for your clear teaching via online and it is very much understandable for me like learners. Kindly share me your audio for Alaripu, Kautukam and other item pieces..Or please confirm how can i get your audios for dance pieces.

    Thank you..

  26. Merin Jeffrin

    That’s nice. I am 11 and i have been learning dance when i was 4 and i am on my third grade. I am practicing for my test and i find the theory really hard and the steps and alarippu easy.
    Could you give me some advise.

  27. suresh

    Namskaram ! madam, my name is suresh i am from alappuzha district, kerala . i am very much interested in classical dance and a strong desire to learn bharatanatyam , the problem is that i am 27year of age ,iam in poor financial bacjk ground . in my child hood and up to current age there is no postive environment and possiibility to learn classical dance ,i was perform folk dance in school , college levels. i was completed my post Graduation in 2011, i was worked in social justice department on 2 years. now iam 27 year of age i dont know that i have tallent and God blessings to learn bharatanatyam ,iam in poor financial bacjk ground so please help me madam and also give me an answer about weather my age is barrier to learn this art .


  28. Sanjay Srinivas

    I am 47 years old, had low back pain when I was around 20 years old. Took several medication but of no remedy and eventually started yoga training in the last 14 years. Now my back is strengthened leading a normal active life. Daily practicising yoga asanas such as surya namaskar, Sarvangasana, Halasana,Pashimottasana(2-3 various forms), Marichyasana 1 & 2 and little others. I had gymnasium training some years back too. Practising these asanas have given me the confidence looking towards learning Baratanatyam as I find it is taking me to the next fitness level. Since I have blood pressure(under control), I would like to learn basic stages, keep practicising and go on. Last few days, I have seen your online demonstration through youtube and started to follow your steps. As I am thoroughly self disciplined, I would like to take your suggestion and move forward. Kindly assist and if you could direct me to a guru in Chennai where I can dedicate 3 days a week. I am in business and I do quite a bit of touring but wherever I tour, I try to do basic workouts. I do follow a diet free from ghee, oil and take lot of veggie

  29. shruthi

    hi Anjali, I saw all your information but I could not find what style is your bharatanatyam. is your style kalakshetra?

  30. Roopa vaddadi

    Dear Madam,

    I am very happy about learning dance after seeing ur website.
    my age is 24yrs in 2016may i will get married but due to some personal reasons i couldnt learn dance in my young age. I am a working professional.I had learn some part of basics near one guru but i got transfrd frm that place so i had discontinued dance.
    Dance is my passion before getting married i wanna learn bharatanatyam and also complete a course in it from a recognised university in distance mode. Through ur videos i learn a lot .Could you please guide me how to start learning and complete a course.i am very passionate to give stage shows wen ever i see dancers pics i feel very bad of myself that wen can i give shuch performances.Please kindly help me and please let me know total cost it takes to complete basic course and next levels also.
    Thanks and Regards,
    roopa V

  31. Durga

    Hi . I am planning to start teaching dance here in Singapore. Been learning dance since the age of 5. I just would like to enquire if you would be willing to teach dance items like pushpanjali, or aallaripu or other simple dance items which i can teach here for the students. I am not comfortable with choreographing the dance steps yet and i need someone to help me teach me . thanks.


    what should be the points to be kept in mind during performing Bharatanatyam being a man to avoid feminine gestures?

  33. saneesh

    my daughjter she is 2 year 2 months old is it a rit tme to join the dance class if yes please tel me the joinning process and fees

  34. priyanka

    Hey Anjali, I’m 23. Can you please let me know when you come to India(or any way I can talk to you), I want to decide about my dance career after talking to you(need some suggestions and stuff), I have no one else to talk to(about dance)

  35. Ms. Philip

    Very nicely put together website. The basics are well described. My daughter just started learning dance and this website has helped me a lot in getting her information.

  36. sarita

    your online bharatnatyam lessons are very nice,as we dont have bharatnatyam classes in our area and nearby so iand my daughter started learning from your online lessons,as we dont have acess to this dance form here so i searched and got an oppurtunity to lean from ur classes , i m really thankful to u for posting those lessons , i just wanted to know if i follow ur classes in you tube then is it sufficient that we can learn bharatnatyam fully or i have to search for any dance academy

  37. Pekham

    Maam ,
    Am very happy to learn Jatiswaram and tilanna .Is korvai and Jati is same,i mean may i consider that there are five Jati in this Jatiswaram ?How will write this Jatiwaram and Tillana?And a request I you also teach us a beat Varnam,Sabdam and Padam .

  38. Sridevi

    Dear Anjali,

    I have been looking for online courses to restart what I left 17 years ago, and found this site. Am delighted to see so much information all in one place. I was teaching dance when I stopped last. 17 years, a degree, job and 2 kids had me busy till now. I want to start again, and will be using your blog site for this purpose. Thank you for the wonderful work, and please do continue with this work.

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