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Ardhapataaka Hand Gesture (Mudra)

Ardhapataaka means “Half Flag”. It is done by bending the little finger after doing the Tripataaka.


Lets take a look at the viniyoga shloka of Ardhapataka

Pallave falake teeray ubhayoriti vachake
krakache churikayam cha dhvaje gopurashringayoho
yujyate ardhapatakoyam tattatkarmaprayogake

Shloka says that Ardhapataaka is used to denote the following:

  • Pallavay: Leaves
  • Falakay: A board or a Slab
  • Teeray: Bank of the river
  • Ubhayoriti vachakay: To Indicate “both” or “two”
  • Krakachay: A saw blade
  • Churikayam: A knife
  • Dhvajay: A banner/Flag
  • Gopura-: A Tower
  • Shringayoho: An Animal Horn


  1. Cherie Sampson

    This is a wonderful site – thank you. I am one and a half years into learning BN from Soorya Dance Co. in St Louis, MO.
    Photos are excellent of hastas and info here are informative and good supplement to me learning!

  2. Esha

    Hello….i am 12 years old and i have a grade 3 exam in less than 2 weeks. I need some help with the Asamyutha hasta viniyogas…i don’t know how to peform the ‘verse’ with hands..basically i need some help because i dont know what the hands are for them. I know to use tripataka..say you do have to use that but i dont know how to use tripataka to make it look like a crown or a tree. I need help on Tripataka…ardhapataka….kartari mukham….mayuram…ardhachandram…aralam..shukhatundam…i would really appreciate it if you could help me in anyway. I have tried accesing video clips on your website but them have been remobedforsome reason…please could you contact me on my email address..
    [email protected]
    thank you for your help
    your website has been really helpful..thanks

  3. Anjali

    Esha you may want to buy some videos that would help you in hasta prayoga. Also will try to post some related videos soon.

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