Could not be happier to find your blog
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Author:  sk89 [ Tue Sep 17, 2013 11:26 am ]
Post subject:  Could not be happier to find your blog

Namaskar !

I trained under Mrs.Madhuri Kelkar for a couple of years as a teenager. I could not continue taking classes further for a while and then after her sad demise I tried to take classes elsewhere. With due respect to all my Gurus, I did not find any perfect teacher as her .When I had joined her classes I was a bit interested in dancing but after I gradually began to train I developed confidence I became so well versed that people know and remember me because of my dance skills. I wish I could express this infinite gratitude to her.

I will be in the US from January 2014 and I would be highly honored to train under you. As I went through a few videos of yours I realized you followed all her instructions so perfectly. I am forever grateful to her teachings as they made me very passionate about dancing. I always wanted to further train under her guidance and never knew I would ever get the opportunity to follow her teachings. Lo and behold ! I saw your blog as I googled Bharatnatyam classes in US. I had tears in my eyes as this is totally miraculous!

For those who are wanting to learn Bharatnatyam afresh I would strongly suggest follow a Guru who can teach you in all perfection and not just the body movements. When you learn Bharatnatyam from the best teachers it shows in your gait, in your hand gestures and every movement. I have trained under many teachers but ,seriously, nothing matches my Teacher!

I look forward to meet you soon.

Thank you so much!
You are doing a great job!

Author:  Anjali [ Sat Apr 12, 2014 9:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Could not be happier to find your blog

NIce to know you are Madhuri teachers student. Welcome!!! She was one strong women and boy, what an efficient teacher.

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